Wrap it Up! April 1st- 19th

sick pug  Hey guys!  It feels like it’s been forever, well, because it has.  I am really sorry about that.  I spent most of April so far fighting with my leave of absence company so that I could get a laparoscopic hysterectomy.  A uterine fibroid had been found- these are common and not a big deal, but it gave me the courage to ask for what I have been wanting for a long time.  I am hoping that having had this procedure my monthly ick will be over.  I had the procedure early Tuesday, then had to stay over night for observation.  While i am very tender and tired, I feel good.  Sassy Britches, my cat, has been lying beside me whenever I wake up so that I can cuddle her without hurting myself- she’s a very smart kitty.  Boo is a little confused and has tried to inspect my abdomen a few times, we have had to get her away.  I will be off work for at least four weeks depending on the rate of healing, with three weeks of no driving at all…. so I will probably be here a lot more.  I plan to get a few reviews of books I finished done after I feel a bit more coherent.  I also have a lot of ARC’s and a few bought books to get through.  Darling Warren is here with me for the first week, but goes back to work on Monday.

So that’s me… I am going to go rest for a bit.  Love you guys!


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