Weekly Wrap-up, April 24th-30th

So I am two weeks into my LOA and climbing the walls.  I hate being contained.  Don’t get me wrong- I get out with Warren and the family, but it’s odd not being able to do everything I want when I want to.  Being able to drive has spoiled me terribly.  Today I took a taxi to the library because I couldn’t think with Boo climbing my back and I wanted to do some posts (btw, Boo literally climbs my back when I am at my computer.  She has to supervise).  I love her, but there are times when it simply isn’t congruent with writing a review.

The healing process has gone fantastic and I am walking more, albeit slower than my usual pace.  I feel like I could drive, but have one more week before I am supposed to.  I promised Warren I wouldn’t do anything stupid.  It just irks that the tiny things in life are such a pain right now.  For instance- Boo needs more food.  This is a ten minute car ride, and usually no problem for me…. except that it is now.  I don’t want to bother my family, and Warren and I have forgotten several days in a row.  While this would be a tiny errand, it’s become complicated.  Also grocery shopping can only be done with my adoring husband.  Finally, is it weird that I want to work?  I miss Wal mart.  I miss my coworkers and regular customers and interacting with people that are neither family nor feline.    Ugh, I probably sound like a horrible person.  Forgive me?

Now on to better topics: Books!!!! I have bought 17th suspect by James Patterson and cannot wait to dive in.  I also preordered The Trials of Apollo: The Burning Maze by Rick Riordan.  I am super excited about that one too, though this is my least favorite series of his.  Then of coarse there’s How I Resist coming out on the 15th, and a couple more May ARC’s.  Finally, I could not resist buying The Secret Book and Scone Society.  I am hoping I can get to all of these quickly, but as always ARC’s come first.  In fact, I just finished The Optimist’s Guide to Letting Go, and the review will be up today.  Then it’s on to Owen Laukkanen’s Gale force; I adore the Steven’s and Windmere series, and cannot wait to see what he does here.  Finally, my Facebook book club is going to have a May book- don’t know what it is yet, but I am excited!  If nothing else this should keep me sane until the post-op doctor visit.

So that’s me, what’s up with you?


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