New Release Tuesday!!!! 3-12-19


            Hey guys!  This week’s going to be a bit different.  I didn’t have any new release books on my radar, but I am really excited about a movie that was released today.  Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Gridelwald, J. K. Rowling came out!  I read the screenplay and saw the movie in theaters (review above); and I just loved it!  For me, there wasn’t as much stuff going on as the first book- not as much action I mean.  On the other hand we got to see more of the characters, the beasts, and the world.  As Gridelwald amasses his army, so does Dumbledore.  It was kind of like watching a game of chess- there was a lot of strategy, and it definitely moved the story line along.  I loved seeing the characters and the beasts again, as well as being introduced to new characters.   Personally I actually like this series better than Harry Potter- an unpopular opinion, I know.

So what do you guys think- who’s buying this today?


Also, don’t forget the merch!





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