The Book of Dreams, Nina George

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Title: The Book of Dreams

Author: Nina George

Pages: 400

Genre: contemporary fiction

Is this part of a series?  No.

Publish Date: April 18th, 2019


Henri Skinner, ex-war journalist, is on his way to meet his son.  How could he not, after receiving an email inviting the end to a lifelong estrangement?  This time, he’s going to do the right things.  He’s going to get to know the teen he helped create, he’s going to let himself be known… and for once he isn’t going to run away.  Life, though, has other ideas.  As he crosses a bridge he sees a terrible accident.  A little girl falls from a boat and is being swept down the Thames.  Jumping in, he rescues her and brings her to safety only to have an accident of his own.

Samuel Noam Valentiner doesn’t know how to feel.  All his life his mother has told him what a sorry excuse for a human his father is, but he still felt like they should know each other.  And so he sent a simple invite to his school’s Fathers and Sons Day.   Now Henri is in a coma.  Part of him can’t help but feel tenderness for the man who was coming for him at last, along with a deep seated curiosity.  Coming to the hospital every day is especially hard for Sam because he is a synesthete.  He can see noise and emotion.  They have certain colors.  Still, the only other visitor Henri has is someone named Eddie.  How can he leave when he just found his father?

Eddie was finally getting herself together and creating a post-Henri life with her lover Wilder.  Henri didn’t want her, didn’t love her…. they hadn’t seen each other in years.  So why was she sitting in the hospital being told her ex-lover put her down not only as his emergency contact but the one to have Power of Attorney over his affairs if anything should happen?  Does she owe him any loyalty?  Can she even handle having him back in her life- even comatose?  It doesn’t matter…. she loves him still and so here she is.

Told in three viewpoints this is a gorgeous story about love, life, decisions and regrets.  How far does one go for love and friendship?

my thoughts

I am charmed….moved… wrecked.  Nina George has an ability to create characters and scenes that follow you, haunting your thoughts.  They are well developed, interesting, and uniquely damaged.  You find yourself thinking about them, worrying over them, caring for them the way one does for a close friend.  Seriously, I don’t feel like George gets the chatter she deserves at all- why isn’t the whole bookish world obsessed with this author?  Why aren’t her release days treated like holidays- off work today for Nina George Day!  Can we make this a thing?  Let’s make April 18th, 2019 Nina George Day!

Can you tell I kind of liked this book (and the other two I have read of hers)?  They aren’t always the most popular- some of the content will break your heart, lives get messy- but they are flawlessly executed.  I have been lucky to get ARCs of all of them, and ended up buying them all because I loved them and was desperate to share them.  This one will be no different.  There are pieces here that will break you.  Hours later, I am still shattered.  I was up in the early morning hours reading while ugly sobbing (my cat was seriously alarmed).  It isn’t one of those fun fluff pieces, that’s for sure.  It’s gorgeous, though, and so… so worth it.  For me, this is a definite five star book.  I will definitely be ordering the hardback copy.  normal star ratingnormal star ratingnormal star ratingnormal star ratingnormal star rating

On the adult content scale, there’s language and sexual content.  It’s not terribly explicit, but it is….. creatively descriptive.  Even though one of the characters is thirteen, and I feel like Sam would appeal to the YA crowd, this book is most definitely geared toward adults.  Let’s give it a five.  mature audience.

I was lucky enough to receive an eARC of this book from Netgalley and Crown Publishing in exchange for an honest review.  My thanks!

The book comes out 4-18-19… be ready!

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