Liar Liar, James Patterson and Candice Fox


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Title: Liar Liar

Author: James Patterson and Candice Fox
Pages: 400

Genre: crime, detective, suspense

Is this part of a series?  Yes, this is book #3 of the Detective Harriet Blue series.

Published: January 7th, 2019

Considered a rogue cop and a danger to herself, Harriet Blue has gone into hiding to track down a killer.  It isn’t the way she wanted it… but Regan has to pay, and she can’t keep risking her friends.  Tox is barely alive, and Whitt has sacrificed enough for her.  Following a murderer, trying to catch him before he can hurt more people, this is what she lives for now.
When the killer makes contact, promising that things are about to become really personal, the stakes have been raised again.  A race against the clock to protect everyone she still loves, all the while she can feel herself unraveling a little more.  Can Harry really stop this killer and keep the remaining pieces of her life?

This series has always been a hard sell for me.  While interesting, it was hard to truly care about Harry or any of the other characters.  I never felt like I could truly connect with them.   The premise was always intriguing, and the writing had a good flow.  It just didn’t feel like his normal work.  Patterson’s mysteries are usually insta-buys for me.  I know I am getting great characters, a good storyline, and usually a fantastic community. This series just didn’t do it for me…. until now.

Having invested two books of time into this, though, I wanted to see it through.  Here, I found the connection I was looking for- to Whitt, Harry, Pops and Regan.  It was fast paced and interesting, while keeping the snark and bravado I liked about Harry in the first place.  I got to see her really struggle here, with her past, her own nature and what the badge really meant for her.   I really liked that.  It’s odd that the last book in the series is the one that makes it all worth while, but there it is.  For me, this is a four star book.  normal star ratingnormal star ratingnormal star ratingnormal star rating

On the adult content scale, there’s language, violence, substance abuse and mild sexual content.  I would give it a five.  mature audience.

The book is out now- have you read it?

Link to book:



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