New Release Tuesday!!! 4-2-19


I can’t believe I am late!  I read this week’s release as an ARC a couple weeks ago and I loved it so much!  I was busy on my days off and haven’t made it into a store to get a hard copy yet, but you can bet your butt I am going to!  

the girl he used to knowThe Girl He Used to Know, Tracey Garvis Graves was everything I could want in a romance.  The characters are interesting and well developed.  Annika is especially well thought out because she is a bit of a romantic novel unicorn- the imperfect heroine (she’s autistic, back when there weren’t many on the spectrum and so didn’t actually know what to call her issues.  At the same time, she owns her differences, works around them and doesn’t need a man to either save nor validate her).  How could I not love her- especially since she is so sweet?  Jonathan, as well, is a character I dearly loved.  Watching the two try to navigate through their issues, the pain of the past and misconceptions about one another was amazing.  Obviously I loved this book and think everyone needs a copy of it right now.  (Full summary and review linked above.)

That’s me for the week.  Have I missed any releases?  Let me know!!


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