New Release Tuesday!!! 4-09-19

Hey guys!! I am super excited about today’s new releases.  I feel like we have something this week that will intrigue every type of reader.  It doesn’t hurt that these were also some of my most anticipated releases of the year so far.  I have three for you today.

Book of dreams, nina george    Nina George is one of the authors that I personally consider underappreciated.  She has this amazing ability to make terribly messy yet lovable characters.  She discusses pain and loss with her characters in such a way that you feel every painful moment, but adds growth, love and healing.  I have never left one of her books feeling weighed down.  It has to be said, I thought this might be the one to leave me unsettled.  The premise, the painful ties each character has…. this could be painful.  There was so much love, compassion, growth and redemption here, though, that I had the same feeling of peace and lightness at the end.  Don’t get me wrong,  The Book of Dreams, Nina George  wrecked me.  I ugly sobbed.  But I also cheered for the characters.  Watching them move forward was beautiful.  Summary and full review linked above.   I received an eARC of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.  My thanks.

when we left cubaWhen We Left Cuba, Chanel Cleeton is the second book to have the Perez family in it, and I really feel like you need to read Next Year In Havana, Chanel Cleeton first to get the full picture.  The first book paints more of a picture of the places.   Cuba before and during the revolution.  It showcased the gorgeous places that those with money knew.  And it showed the darker side, the political unrest, the anger.  When We Left Cuba talked about what happened when the Perez family left.  Trying to reclaim their station and fortune in Palm Springs, Beatrice’s pain- missing her home, her brother; the feeling that she will never belong.  I feel like we spent more time on the political unrest and goings on that on the places here, and I liked that.  It’s not a fast read, and there are parts that angered me, but it was intensely interesting and just a gorgeous story.  I received an eARC of this book from First to read in exchange for an honest review.  My thanks.

the bindingThe Binding, Bridget Collins is one of the books that surprised me.  I first found out about it on another blog and I knew I had to have it.  It was released in the UK months ago and I actually bought my hardback novel from Book Depository.  I loved the premise, the use of magical realism, and the character development I saw in Emmit.  I still feel like this is one of the best releases of the year so far.  





So those are my releases for the week?  Have you read/ bought any of these?  What are your thoughts?


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