Heretics Anonymous, Katie Henry

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Title: Heretics Anonymous

Author: Katie Henry

Pages: 329

Genre: contemporary fiction, YA

Is this part of a series?  No

Published: August 7th, 2018

Who thought it was a good idea to put an atheist in a strict Catholic school?  Dad.  Michael is not happy.  Here he is having had to move AGAIN, only this time it comes with school uniform- with a tie!- and mass.  He needs a friend he can sit with and hang out with…. just so he isn’t alone all the time at school.  But could there really be someone like him here?

Meet Lucy, from one of his classes.  She’s smart, pretty, and she isn’t afraid to stand up to the teachers.  Surely she’s like him?  Nope.  Not only is she Catholic… she wants to be a priest.  And yet, she accepts him.  Not only that, but she introduces him to other outcasts that have banned together to make their group Heretics Anonymous.  Here, Lucy can be a feminist, Max can wear what makes him happy, Avi can be a gay Jew, and Eden can be pagan.  But why should it be just for them, this place where they can be themselves?  Why do they have to hide?  He wants HA to go public.  When things go too far he has to make a decision- fight for his own freedom or rely on faith- in God, his friends and himself, to see him through.

I didn’t know what to expect from this book, but when I saw it on another blog last year I knew I had to have it.  I immediately bought it and added it to the TBR pile…. but it took a while to get to.  While I felt like Michael was a bit spoiled at times, I can see where his frustration came from.  He was an interesting, often charming narrator.  I also loved the other characters and the fact that the author tried to give each one dimension, whether they were leading characters or not.  It may have taken longer to see another piece of each character, but it was always worth it.  I also feel like I saw some real growth where Michael was concerned, and I liked that.  This was a quick, fun read, with some hilarious parts… but it had some real heart too.  I liked that about it.  For me, this is a four star book.  normal star ratingnormal star ratingnormal star ratingnormal star rating

On the adult content scale, there’s some language, drinking, and very light sexual content- mostly just talking about it.  I would give it a three.  This one is pretty tame and I think it would be appropriate for ages 13+.  General.svg

The book is out!  Have you read it?

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