New Release Tuesday!!! 4-16-2019

Hey guys!  It has been a crazy few days.  For one, I have been sick and dealing with a cat that will LITERALLY try to eat herself to death ( every item of food in the house is in totes now because we had a scare when she decided to scavenge for food while we were at work.  Maude the Moo ate through a 1/3 full bag of deluxe mixed nuts- thankfully none were toxic to cats-, a bag of freeze dried strawberries and half a brick of top ramen before my husband found her.  We immediately put every other snack or food item where she couldn’t get it and called the vet.  She’s fine, she is just a furry asshole).

With that and trying to keep up with what’s going on with the Notre Dame Cathedral the day has gotten away from me.  I cannot believe that we have lost such an iconic piece of history.  I hope they rebuild, but some things aren’t so easy to replace.  Some of the stained glass colors there…. I have heard that we may not be able to recreate them- that the process has been lost in time.  Is that correct?   In any case, my heart is with the people of Paris.

Now then, we have three interesting books that have just come out.  Let’s get started!


under the tableI just learned about this one from Stacy Alesi’s review and it sounds amazing.  Unable to stay in her dead end marriage Zoey Sullivan flees to New York to live with her older sister Ruth.  She just needs some time to clear her head… three months.  Dodging her ex’s calls, she begins to cater a few private dinners and parties.  Meeting shy millionaire Tristan throws everything off.  Despite being loaded and gorgeous, he’s a shy computer programmer that doesn’t seem to know his appeal.  What he needs is a makeover!  But what happens when the makeover works far too well and Zoey realizes she just might want Tristan for herself?


the department of sensitive crimesThis one has been on my radar for a while and I have to admit, if there was only one book I was able to buy this week it would be this one.  The premise is fantastic!  In Swedish Criminal courts there are cases considered especially strange or difficult.  A man stabbed in the back of the knee, a woman who’s imaginary boyfriend goes missing… no case is too unusual, too hard or too insignificant for The Department of Sensitive Crimes.







the misterE. L. James is back with another steamy erotic novel.  Maxim Trevelyan is used to being a bit of a playboy- he’s smart and rich, and rarely sleeps alone.  When he inherits an old title he has to make some changes- he’s not ready for the responsibility that comes with this!  Then there’s Alessia Demachi.  New to England, she has nothing but her troubled past.  Maxim’s attraction is completely unsuitable!  But how can he resist?

I have to admit that I am unsure about whether to place this one on my wish list.  It’s an unpopular opinion, but I feel like Fifty Shades was severely over rated.  This one sounds good, and I am hearing good things about it, though.  What do you guys think?


That’s my list for the week.  Have I missed anything?  Let me know!


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