God Bless the library!

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I didn’t find any new release books for me today, so I decided to talk about one of my favorite places in town.  My library!  I think I have already discussed it once when they moved across town I have it right here.  Now, to begin I want to say that I think all libraries are magical and all librarians are overworked and underappreciated marvels.  They have so much to offer a community!  Mine supplies newspapers and magazines, computers for public use and courses on how to use them along with tutorials for resumes.  You can get things faxed there, rent videos and music along with the books…. and let’s not forget all the groups and clubs!  My writer’s guild meets there, along with several book clubs, there’s a “reading time with puppies” for the little ones and times set up with volunteers for free tutoring.  Is it any wonder that I am a fan?

I am in there at least once a week on my days off to read magazines and newspapers while having snack in their seating area (I can’t quite call it a cafe as it’s just vending machines, though they do encourage you to bring in what ever you like).  Well, last week I had several books I was dying to read and I decided to try my luck.  The library’s app had Under the Table by Stephanie Evanovich but I was #36 in line.  I decided to ask if they were getting a paper copy.  They didn’t have it in yet on Tuesday, but they put my name down for when they got the shipment.  Can you believe no one else was in line for the paper copy?!?  I actually went in the next day to request they buy a book I was looking for and was told they had my hold.  Now, when I went through self checkout it had a bit of an issue.  It kept saying it was Confessions of an Innocent Man, and that it was on hold for another patron.  Well, I was in a rush and the cover was correct, so the guy working there just got it through for me.  I didn’t even get to open the book until I was having lunch before work the next day!  

   Of course, it was the wrong book.  There I was in the mall food court with a bowl of pho and Confessions of an Innocent Man, by David R. Dow.  What’s a girl to do?  Well, obviously I started reading it.  I did do the right thing, though, and call the library.  Luckily the other patron had yet to come get their book so I ran it in and let the librarian switch them out.  This was the first time they had ever made a mistake like this to my knowledge, and in all honesty I should have just opened the book up when I was checking it out.  Still, even their mistakes are amazing because I was completely hooked on this book.  I only read ten pages during lunch but it was a fantastic ten pages.  I didn’t want to let it go!  When I went back in this week I ran straight for the library catalog computer to put myself on what I was sure was an epic waiting list.  Nope.  It was sitting on the new release shelves!  I am so stoked!  Seriously, you guys know what I will be doing for the rest of today and tomorrow.  

   And so, on World Book Day, I want to make sure I send my love and loyalty to my library.


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