New Release Tuesday!!! 4-30-19


Hey guys! Today I have a new release that I am ashamed to say I got as an Amazon first pick and have yet to read.  Can you believe I forgot I chose that one?!?  Then, of course, there’s the new James Patterson book that dropped yesterday that I am drooling over.  Let’s jump right in!

the overdue life of Amy Byler       The Overdue Life of Amy Byler just sounded amazing to me!  Amy is a single mother after she and her husband split.  Over worked and underappreciated, she accepted the ex’s offer of a free summer.  He gets the kids, and she heads off to New York.  What began as a season to let her hair down and get some culture…. and maybe have a date or two…. turns more serious when she meets someone.  Does she follow this new turn in her life, New York and love- bringing the kids in…. or go back to her old world?

18th abduction          This is the newest book for the Women’s Murder Club…. need I say more?  They’re pretty much insta-buys for me.  I love Patterson’s older running series’.  I have always been really intrigues by the group of women that created a sort of family.  In this one, Lindsay and her husband Joe are searching for three missing female teachers.  Then it moves from missing to murder.  As they delve deeper with Cindy’s help, it get’s pretty crazy.  I am super excited about this one!


So that’s me for the week.  Have I missed any new releases?  Let me know!


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