New Release Tuesday!!! 5-21-19


Hey guys!  Gosh I have had such a hectic week.  I am starting a part time job as a caregiver along with keeping my full time (along with looking into new full time options).   If you wondered why you haven’t heard from me recently…. well, there ya have it.  Lol!  

Turner_Wooing Cadie+spine.indd      This week I have one ARC to share.  WooingCadie McCaffrey, Bethany Turner was just so much fun.  For summary and full review, click above.  I loved Cadie’s sweetness and fun side, and I love that her value system didn’t change in this book- not did she feel it needed changing.  It expressed with hilarious expertise just why it’s essential that a couple communicate properly.  I adored Will and Cadie both, though I hadn’t thought I would.  Will can be socially inept and a bit clueless, and Cadie can be seen as over sensitive; yet you still want to support both of them and you just love them both.  They have a good and believable chemistry, and the book had a good flow in the writing style.  All in all, I was completely shocked.  

        Now I will say that you won’t find any sizzling sex scenes here- both are religious and the small amount of discussion or interactions there are fairly well glossed over.  This is a romance novel for the romantic at heart.  It has a sweet innocence that you really don’t see anymore in the genre.  That might actually have been a big selling point for me.  I read all sort of romances, but I prefer to have it largely plot and character driven and not just one sexual encounter after another.  Does that make sense?  For me, this was a four star book.

That’s me for the week!  Have I missed any new releases?  Let me know!!!



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