New Release Tuesday!!! 6-4-19

Hey guys!!! I have a brand new James Patterson book for you guys today!  

Unsolved        James Patterson has brought Emmy Dockery back!!  I listened to the audiobook for Invisible, James Patterson and David Ellis  and I found it interesting.  I definitely wanted more time with these characters- and it looks like we’re getting it!  There seems to be a new case- crimes happening all over the country with such a loose connection only Emmy seems to see it.  Each victim seems to have died by accident, none of them seem connected…. but can there really be so many coincidences?  Are we looking at a very smart serial killer?  Or is Emmy seeing things that don’t exist?  And will her fixation get her in trouble with the FBI? 


I am still a die-hard Patterson fan even though I have not adored all his new books.  I just don’t know if the Private series is for me, you know?  And not everything will be.  I adore his older stories, though, and the longer running series.  Right now I am out of book money *gasp*.  Everything seems to go up but pay, you know?  The library has been a huge part of my weekly routine for the last few months, and bless them for that.  I just got 18th Abduction from the library Sunday and hope to get a review up soon.  I am on a waiting list for this one here, and hope to have it within a couple weeks.                     It feels strange, because there was a time when I never let a day pass before I had bought his new release.  I still love him, but maybe my tastes are changing.  At the moment I am squirreling away spare dollars to buy Laura Madeleine’s book coming out.  (Echoes of Scandal will be out in US on my birthday, September 19th, but if I play my cards right I may be able to get it from Book Depository this month.)  

So that’s me for the week.  What’s up with you guys?




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