Top Ten Tuesday!!! 7-09-19

Hey guys!  Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl,  and this week’s topic is a character freebie.  I decided to do a list of favorite characters.  There are so many characters that I love, some that have stayed with me for over half my life.  I can’t wait to share a few with you.  Let’s get started!

  1. eva luna Eva Luna.  (Eva Luna and The stories of Eva Luna, by Isabel Allende)  My mom gave me the first of these books when I was fifteen.  There was something about this character, the way she could paint the most amazing scenes with words, the way she grew up, her point of view.  Eva is a charming, strong, overly imaginative woman that’s a born storyteller and whenever I am down I go to revisit this character.  


 2.the borrowers Arrietty (The Borrowers, Mary Norton).  I actually didn’t read these shorts until I was an adult but I loved them.  The idea of these little people living under the floorboards, taking tiny bits of things to survive… a whole world just under your feet.  Arrietty and Spiller were my favorite characters here.  She was funny, courageous, kind.  I loved reading about her family’s adventures.  I feel like they got more popularity when Studio Ghibli made The Secret World of Arrietty (that’s certainly when I remembered about the books and looked them up).

along came a spider3.  Alex Cross (Detective Cross series, James Patterson).  This guy is just bad ass.  I love the way he gets into a case, and the way he tries to carve out time for his family and practice.  I feel like the whole series is amazing, but he’s definitely a favorite of mine. 




The Invisible Life of Ivan Isaenko4. Ivan Isaenko.  (The Invisible Life of Ivan Isaenko, Scott Stambach).  This is an odd one I know, but I loved this character so, so much.  Ivan is a Russian orphan with severe birth defects.  He is young, foul mouthed and a pain in the ass with moments of kindness.  I was completely drawn in by this character.  It doesn’t hurt that I think I might have learned to call someone a whale penis from him (very informative). 



reincarnation blues5.  Milo (Reincarnation Blues, Michael Poore)  An old soul that has gotten around, Milo has had 9,995 lives to reach perfection and become part of the cosmic soul.  He’s never cared as much about that as he has about being with the woman he loves: Death, or as he calls her, Suzy.  Now he’s being told that he has five more chances to become part of the cosmic soul or… that’s all she wrote.  We get to see these next lives, obviously, but also snippets of past lives.  He’s crazy, irreverent, hilarious and just a hoot to watch.  I love this character!! 

the reader6.  Sefia (Sea of Ink and Gold series, Traci Chee).  This one interests me, a young woman that lost her parents and is forced to live on the run with her aunt in a world where books are unknown, dangerous entities.  There are very few that have ever seen them, even fewer that can read them… and she just happens to be one of them.  She’s smart, strong, loyal and really interesting.  I think I loved the fact that the author made her imperfect.  She had to work at learning her gift and what to do with them- to the point where she wasn’t some perfect weapon even by the end of the series.  You saw constant character growth. I appreciate that.  She made the list mostly because when I think of truly interesting YA heroines I think of her.  

written in stone7. Olivia (Books by the Bay series, Ellery Adams).  Rich, powerful, aloof, often bitchy… and she loves her dog more than most people.  Olivia is an entrepreneur in Oyster Bay where she lives by the old lighthouse and basically terrorizes the community.  All that changes when she’s pulled into The Bayside Book Writers, the local writer’s guild.  Always smart, sassy and incredibly interesting, you see her open up more and more as the series moves forward.  In book one, I hated her; by book five I loved her.  After book eight I wasn’t ready to let her go and I still revisit Oyster Bay from time to time. 

Passenger8.  Etta Spencer.  (Passenger series, Alexandra Bracken).  Teen Violin prodigy suddenly learns that she can travel through time?  Color me intrigued.  She’s intelligent, snarky, warm and incredibly interesting.  I cannot believe she only got two books!  I need more.  Seriously. 




the story of arthur truluv9.  Arthur Truluv (The Story of Arthur Truluv, Elizabeth Berg).  Here we have a soft-hearted old loner who visits his wife’s grave every day for lunch to talk to her.  He also visits some of the others, but he always winds up with her.  He wants to be left alone more than anything, but he can’t seem to stop himself from pulling people close.  It started with the young delinquent he meets at the cemetery- a teenage girl that keeps skipping school to go to the cemetery.  When she joins him one day, he can’t help but get close.  Then there’s his busy-body neighbor…. he wants nothing to do with her, but can’t seem to stop finding himself on the porch with the old woman.  I was completely smitten with this character.  

the lost heroes10.  Leo Valdez ( Heroes of Olympus series, Rick Riordan).  Out of all the characters in Riordan’s series’ to date I loved Leo the most.  He’s intelligent, hilarious, seriously useful, loyal and just plain amazing.  I miss this character, honestly.  He kind of made that series for me.  He’s also why I didn’t immediately chuck The Trials of Apollo through a window.  He’s just that awesome. 




Obviously I have about a million more- every time I read a good book I find another “favorite” character!  These are just the ones I thought of off the top of my head.  What are your favorite characters?





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