New Release Tuesday!!! 7-16-19!


Hey guys!  I have had a week- and actually three reviews behind.  I have finished so many good books!  Plus there’s work (Walmart and very part time care-taker for Charlotte’s Angels) and trying to become better organized and… well, a functioning adult.  I low-key suck at all of that if I am honest.  Plus I got laid low with an ear infection and spent too much time reading/ napping in bed with Maude.  

Any way….. this week I only found one book that caught my interest.  I am still on the fence about whether I will be buying or just beg the library to grab it, but it sounds good.

tell me everything(Summary from Goodreads)  A murder at an elite New England college tears apart a group of friends – and one of them is playing a dangerous game – in this electrifying debut in the tradition of In a Dark, Dark Wood and The Couple Next Door.

In her first weeks at Hawthorne College, Malin is swept up into a tight-knit circle that will stick together through all four years. There’s Gemma, an insecure theater major from London; John, a tall, handsome, and wealthy New Englander; Max, John’s cousin and a shy pre-med major; Khaled, a wise-cracking prince from Abu Dhabi; and Ruby, a beautiful art history major. But Malin isn’t quite like the rest of her friends. She’s an expert at hiding her troubling past. She acts as if she is concerned with the preoccupations of those around her – boys, partying – all while using her extraordinary insight to detect their deepest vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

By Senior Day, on the cusp of graduation, Malin’s secrets – and those of her friends – are revealed. While she scrambles to maintain her artfully curated image, her missteps set in motion a devastating chain of events that ends in a murder. And as their fragile relationships hang in the balance and close alliances start shifting, Malin will test the limits of what she’s capable of to stop the truth from coming out.

I am really curious about this one, it has a good premise and the characters sound interesting.  I haven’t heard any chatter about this one, though, and that always makes me wonder if it’s one I need to spend money on.  Has anyone read this?  What are your thoughts?

That’s me for the week.  Have I missed any new releases? Let me know!

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