New Release Tuesday!!! 8-6-19

            He guys! last week was so hectic (we were getting ready for my brother-in-law’s wedding that happened this past Sunday) that I completely missed the New Release post!  I have two ARC’s for last week and one for this one.  I’m just going to jump right in!

the arrangement               The Arrangement, Robyn Harding is a good, twisted suspense novel.  Natalie is an Art major in college trying to make ends meet.  When a friend tells her about The Sugarbowl, where men can find companionship for a price, she decides to try it.  It’ll be temporary, she promises herself…. just to get tuition and get back on her feet.  She never considered that she might fall for her Daddy.  Gabe, though, is different than anyone she’s ever met.  Gorgeous, magnetic, he makes her feel safe and secure.  Their relationship seems perfect- until it’s not.  When Gabe calls off their arrangement, he thinks that’s the end.  What happens, though, when the Sugar Baby decides she doesn’t want to let go without a fight?


the book charmer    The Book Charmer, Karen Hawkins is a must read for any true bibliophile… or for anyone that just loves a good story about the strength of family and community.  Sarah Dove is one of the Dove Pond girls- the ones said to have special powers that help their community.  An ancestor found gold, bringing a prosperity.  Her sister can make anything grow, and makes healing teas.  Sarah?  She knows what books need to go to which people.  They talk to her, the books, sharing their knowledge and their secrets.  What they aren’t sharing is how in the world this is supposed to save her town from financial ruin.

Having just lost her sister, Grace is gathering what’s left of her family- her niece, Daisy, and Mama G, the only mother figure she’s ever known who is quickly declining with Dementia.  Hoping that the familiarity of her hometown will help her foster mother, Grace moves them to Dove Pond.  Temporarily.  A year, at most…. when Sarah starts hounding her, she wants nothing to do with the town.  She isn’t staying and how can she save the community, even with her financial know-how?  After disaster threatens her family, though, she watches the people of the community band together to protect their newest member.  This, she realizes, is Dove Pond.  And this is worth saving…. if only they can find a way.

the time of our lives        The Time of Our Lives, Abby Williams is one of those novels that warms the heart.   Erin is thrown off kilter when she looses her best friend, home, fiance and job in one fell swoop.  At a loss as to what to do, she accepts help from an old friend that says he knows someone looking for a boarder.  Lydia is struggling to come to terms not only with her husband’s death, but the fact that he hid things from her- most importantly their financial situation.  Worried about her home and her health, she doesn’t want to take a stranger in… but what choice does she have?  As the two try to put their lives back together, they bond in a way they never expected.  Can two battered souls, years apart in age, help one another heal and move forward?

This one actually comes out on the 8th, and I am ready for it.  Seriously, guys, this is an amazing book.

So, that’s me for the two week period.  Have I missed any?  Let me know!



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