New Release Tuesday!!! 8-13-19


Hey guys!  New books and movies are out today!  I have an eARC of a short romance to share and a book that came onto my radar today.  Just to throw a curve-ball, I also have a movie to discuss.  Let’s get to it!

playing house    Playing House, Ruby Lane is the first book I have read by this author, but I really liked it.  It’s a charming, fast paced romance about two long-time acquaintances that begin to realize they have feelings for one another at the most inopportune time.  I loved it, and I will be searching for the next book in this series. 




the warning        The Warning, by James Patterson is one that had slipped under my radar.  It sounds fantastic, though, and I bought it today.  I hope to have time to read it soon.  As far as a summary goes, I think Goodreads did a really good job, so I am going to just to that:

‘Two roads lead to Mount Hope. None leads out. There’s no place to run in a community that’s been taken–and is being intentionally kept–off the grid.

A small southern town was evacuated after a freak power-plant accident. As the first anniversary of the mishap approaches, some residents are allowed to return past the national guard roadblocks.

Mount Hope natives Maggie and Jordan quickly discover that their hometown is not as it was before. Downed cellular networks fail to resume service. Animals savagely attack humans. And the damaged power plant, where Jordan’s father is an engineer, is under military lockdown.

As friends and family morph into terrifying strangers, the Maggie and Jordan increasingly turn to each other. Their determination to discover who–or what–has taken control of Mount Hope soon has them in the cross-hairs of a presence more sinister than any they could have imagined.

And now…. guess what’s out on DVD and Blue ray…. Avengers: End Game!  I got to see this in theaters and I just loved it.  The super-hero movies are ones that my husband and I can both agree on, so of course we have them all.  I thought the cast did a fantastic job, and Tom Holland is my favorite Spider-man.  Seriously, I can’t wait to see this again!

So that’s me for the week.  Am I missing anything?  Let me know!




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