The Stranger Inside, Lisa Unger

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Title: The Stranger Inside

Author: Lisa Unger

Pages: 384

Genre: Psychological thriller

Is this part of a series? No

Published: September 17th, 2019

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Rain Winter is trying desperately to be the perfect suburban mother. She loves the time she spends with Lilly, and she adores her husband. It’s just hard…. Once a hard-hitting journalist, she’s having trouble letting that part of herself go. Then there’s the darkness of her past.

           At twelve years old, Rain narrowly escaped kidnapping. Her two best friends were not so lucky, and only one made it back- damaged, but alive. She does her best to keep that in the past. To move forward as everyone tells her she must, even when the guilt weighs her down. The abductor faced prison time and was later released… then someone took matters in their own hands and he was killed.

           Now, after what feels like forever, another murderer that escaped justice is found dead. The similarities are too glaring to ignore, and Rain believes she knows exactly who is behind this. Can she let this go, or will she have to confront her past to stop a vigilante?

my thoughts

* In the interest of full disclosure, I will admit that I read this book more than a month ago. I am stupidly behind om my reviews.*

         I am a huge fan of Unger’s books. Her books are always well written, with great character insight and twisted turns. This one made me very happy, because I got a spectacular insight into the mind of both Rain and the vigilante. You really got a sense for what motivated them, their struggles.   I saw them both struggle and grow as characters. The plot of this book intrigued me, too. How do you survive the death of a friend as a child, when you feel like it’s your fault? What would that type of guilt do to you? How would it shape you? Then there’s the friend that survived… would you be able to be close to them again or would they be a constant reminder of what happened? Honestly, how does one move on? Added to all of this is the fact that their tormentor, in the eyes of many, got off far too easily. What do you do when you feel like the justice system failed you? This was a fast paced, thought provoking, twisted thriller. I loved every moment of it. For me, this was a five star book. normal star ratingnormal star ratingnormal star ratingnormal star ratingnormal star rating

       On the adult content scale, there was a lot of violence, language, and mild sexual content. I would definitely say that this one is geared toward older teens and adults. Let’s give it a seven. mature audience.

       The book is out, have you read it?  


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