New Release Tuesday 11-12-19

untitledHey guys!  Today’s new releases have a bit of romance, a bit of sass, and some crazy characters.  Let’s get started!

open house             Open House, Ruby Lang is the second book in the Uptown series.  I was lucky enough to get an eARC of both this book and the first in the series, Playing House, Ruby Lane.  I was really impressed with this author, who brought me really fun and interesting characters and over-the-top scenarios while still keeping it remotely believable.  The romance was really sweet and I adored Ty.  I will say that my favorite heroine is still Faye from book 1, though.  Still, I really enjoyed this book and ended up giving it four stars.

I will try to keep the summary short here, but if you want more go to the above link for the full review.  Magda is a bit of a serial careerist- she’s tried just about everything and has the student loan debt to prove it.  At nearly 30, it’s time to get serious, if only so that her family will stop treating her like one of the children.  This last one, realtor, has to stick.  With a not-so-helpful hand from her uncle she has one listing, a large house that will not sell; and the prospect of getting money from helping to sell an empty lot.  There’s just one catch…. the lot isn’t exactly empty. 

Ty is still reeling from the death of his mother and his father’s subsequent abandonment.  He tells himself he doesn’t want more people in his life, and yet he has been roped into helping the older ladies in the community garden.  When he finds that the lot is actually for sale, and that the garden will most likely be razed, he steps in to fight for the garden.  While the two are butting heads on this issue, it’s impossible to deny that there’s an attraction there.  The more they see of each other, the more they like one another, but can romance bloom between the two?

twisted twenty-six           Next on my list is Twisted Twenty-six by Janet Evanovich.  That’s right… another one.  The sane part of me sighs, but another part- the one that dives into each book just to see what those crazies are doing now- is giddy with anticipation.  You know what to expect from these books- Stephanie and Lula will mis-handle at least one take-down.  Lula will reference her past job (as a self proclaimed hoe).   Stephanie will be torn between her kinda boyfriend and the sexy private security bad boy.  Cousin Vinnie or Grandma Mazur will do something insane and Stephanie will find herself in the middle of the mess.  Wash, rinse, repeat for twenty-six books…. and yet, I can’t let the series go.  I know it’ll be fun fluff- nothing earth shattering, but this is my guilty pleasure and I end of buying each of the books.  (I tried to be good, but I was #96 in line at my library a month before the thing even came out- no way could I wait that long!  I’ll leave the summary from Goodreads below.

Stephanie Plum’s career has taken more wrong turns than a student driver on the Jersey Turnpike, and her love life is a hopeless tangle. In order to save someone dear to her, she’ll have to straighten things out in Twisted Twenty-Six the latest, novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Janet Evanovich.

Grandma Mazur is a widow…again. This time her marriage lasted a whole 45 minutes. The unlucky groom was one Jimmy Rosolli, local gangster, lothario (senior division) and heart attack waiting to happen…well, the waiting’s over.

It’s a sad day, but if she can’t have Jimmy at least Grandma can have all the attention she wants as the dutiful widow. But some kinds of attention are not welcomed, particularly when Jimmy’s former “business partners” are convinced that his widow is keeping the keys to their financial success for herself.

As someone who has spent an entire career finding bad guys, a set of missing keys should be no challenge for Stephanie Plum. Problem is, the facts are as twisted as a boardwalk pretzel with mustard.

       So, that’s all my new releases this week, though I do want to talk to you real quick about some of my recent buys/ discoveries.  

little women special        I had mentioned last month that I loved Little Women and had been searching for a copy to add to my collection (I have the eBook, but it just isn’t the same- not for this classic!).  Well, in preparation for the new movie coming out, they made a special edition book that has a great leather (or pleather?) cover and black and white stills from the movie.  It was a steal at $12, so I bought this one from Walmart.  






Olive KitteridgeOlive Kitteridge  has not been on my radar long, but when I found out about the sequel, Olive, Again  I realized I really wanted to read it.  It just sounds to sweet and fun!  I was low on book funds, though, and had several books already ear-marked to buy.  Imagine my surprise and joy when I was walking through Dollar Tree today and found it!  I can’t wait to read this!




That’s me for the week!  Have a great one!



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