My name is Amber Garabrandt, and I am an addict.  It has been five hours since I visited an online book store…. alright, a bit melodramatic, but you get the gist.  I have always loved books and need at least one open at all times. Now, in this beautiful, digital age I can carry literally hundreds of books- whole universes- in the palm of my hand (that’s right, most of them are on apps on my phone). Now, don’t get me wrong; I adore the feel of a paper book. The excitement of finding that perfect phrase, rubbing your finger over aging paper again and again as you try to memorize those words and how they made you feel (or is that just me?).   Still, there is something to be said for being able to have a book or magazine for every mood, all fit neatly inside an adorable purse that will not break your back (admit it, paper books get heavy. I should know, in my hay day I would have as many as six in my duffel bag at a time; mostly returning books I borrowed from coworkers and delivering books for them to read. I do miss sharing).

But I digress. I want this blog, mostly, so I can have a place to post the reviews of the books I read. There will also be an area talking about all the online book communities I know and love. I want to share sites that have graced me with the wondrous gift of free books. That’s right- people that will give you (or loan you as the case may be) books for the price of an honest review. Oh, it’s a beautiful world! Libraries have gone digital now! No more getting dressed on my day off and hoofing it over to the library to grab and return books (though I do anyway). Now I can log in at midnight, having just finished a book and get the next- while lying in bed wearing my jammies! No worries about due dates, the library warns me when I am about to lose my book at which point I can renew (if that’s an option) or finish the book. It goes back automatically without the hassle of late fees.

There are also online book clubs like the ones found on Goodreads.com where you can get to know other book addicts, discuss reads, get ideas on what to read next and track the number of books you have read-all without leaving the house. (I sound like a shut-in, don’t I? No… well not really… I work in retail, hours varying weekly; so keeping a weekly or even monthly commitment is at times a stretch. After a regular 40-hour week I just want to hang out with my family, or curl up and read with my cat.) Besides this, there are tons of sites I found via Facebook that comb through the millions of books out there, to bring you the neatest and cheapest deals. This makes life so much simpler! Being a self-proclaimed book addict, and sadly not a millionaire, makes these deals a staple for my life. Let me share all this and let’s have fun! *ramble ended*



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