Pet tag- Sassy Britches

I first saw this tag on Sheri’s page TV addicted bookworm.  Sassy Britches, my older cat, is very special to me and I wanted to share things about her today.

  1. What is your pet’s name?  Sassy Britches- she came with the name and would accept no other, though she answers to Sassy.
  2. What kind of pet is she and what breed?  She is a cat (don’t tell her though, she hates cats).  We think she is a domestic short hair.
  3. How long have you had your pet friend? Ten years.
  4. How did you get your pet friend?  It’s a funny story actually.  My boyfriend at the time (now husband) had asked me to marry him four times.  While he had moved states to be with me, we hadn’t been together very long and I was his first girlfriend, thus I was skittish- afraid he would regret it later.  One night I come home and there’s a cat in my living room.  Warren knew I had always wanted one but couldn’t have one because of my family’s allergies.  Sassy Britches is my engagement kitty.
  5. How old is your pet?  We think she is 13 years old.  We got Sassy from Petsmart through For The Love Of Pets.  She was supposedly three then.
  6. What are some quirky things about your pet’s personality?  Lord, where do I begin?

For starters she hates cats.  We got a second cat, a 20 lb 9 yr old male named Captain Jack.  She hated him.  She would smack him when we weren’t in the room and when he got ready to retaliate she would throw herself on the ground and scream like she had been attacked.  Poor Jack got a lot of baths before we figured this out.  She only warmed up to him eight years later as he was dying.  We thought maybe she just didn’t like male cats, so this time we bought a female.  Sassy despises Boo.  She bats at her and screams whenever they are in the same vicinity.  Boo took this in stride for a long time, giving Sassy her space…. now she just messes with the girl.

She seems stupid (she burned her whiskers down on a candle in the past and wrapped herself around an electric heater until her fur started to singe) but when she wants something, she’s really smart.  She taught Warren to play hide and seek for treats.  And she knows when I am sick or upset.  She will lay with me for hours purring and giving comfort.  She’ll do this for anyone.  Sassy’s a comfort kitty of sorts.

She loves cuddles, and will sleep right up against your side if allowed.  Warren doesn’t like this, but that only makes him more appealing to Sassy.

This last bit isn’t her personality, but what she’s had to go through.  Before For The Love of Animals found her, Sassy’s previous owners had declawed her completely (yes, front and back the monsters) and left her outside when they moved.  The neighbors noticed and called the group in.  She was found hiding in a sewer drain during a thunderstorm.  As such when we first got her she was afraid of storms and the dark.  We got a bunch of those tap lights for the hallway.  She quickly learned to smack them on, we tried to teach her to turn them off too…. but she wasn’t interested in that.

What does your relationship with your pet mean to you?  Sassy is one of my best friends and a large part of my support system.  Whenever I need a hug she’s always right there.  I struggle with depression, though it has gotten better with meds.  Sassy, though, has gotten me through everything from PTSD from the tornado I went through, to a bad day at work or the death of a beloved fictional character.  She is my rock.  The other two in my support system are my husband and my mom.  So… yeah, Sassy is important to me.

What are some of your favorite past times with your pet?  Naps and cuddles.

What are some of your pet’s nicknames?  Sassy Butt, Princess, Baby girl…. and a bunch that Warren yells out in anger.  She answers to all of those.

Thanks for checking out this tag.  I can’t wait to see if anyone else picks this up.