Wrap it up! February 13th, 2018

Cat stressPersonal life:

  This about sums it up.  Sassy Britches had been sick for quite a while now and we had been trying to take care of her at home.  She had the sniffles but I thought she seemed fine.  My husband is the one that feeds the beasties and didn’t tell me she had stopped eating her dry food.  He just figured she’d eat when she was ready and figured he just didn’t need to fill the bowl as often.  For a literal genius, he can be a nincompoop.  Long story short, I took Sassy to the vet Thursday where she got an antibiotic shot for upper respiratory infection (mostly in the eyes now, but was in the lungs), and I got read the riot act because my 13 year old beauty was now 7 lbs.  She had lost two teeth recently and while the gums were healing well with no signs of infection, while it was raw she wasn’t chewing.  The vet says there’s no reason she can’t, but she won’t.  And so I started trying every known form of wet cat food.  She loves her gravy pouches, but only eats the gravy.  Same with everything else.  I jumped on amazon and got a gel kitty suppliment for vitamins…. she won’t eat it.  Will not go near anything that has it.  What will she eat?  Baby food.  Beef flavor.  Oh, and she likes Kong spray.  The vet had given some to Boo on her visit.  I spent three weeks trying to figure out what cat treat came in a spray can.  The answer is none.   He had given my Boo a dog treat (small amount) to distract her at shot time.  The other vet thought I was crazy when I asked what it was, but I was sure Sassy would love it.  They are both nuts about it.  Unfortunately Boo tried to knock it down and help herself while I was busy with her sister and ended up breaking off the nozzle.  It still works, but it’s really hard and I keep the bottle in the tea cabinet now.   On the bright side, Sassy is getting better.  She is asking for food and coming around more.  Her grooming has even improved.  Oh, and she harasses Boo verbally when ever they’re close.  That’s how I know she’ll be fine; though who ever heard of a cat that hated cats?  She’s super sweet with humans and most dogs so long as they don’t start anything.  Boo, sweet thing, takes it all in stride and doesn’t get upset or retaliate.  She even gave up her portion of Kong when Sassy came over and tried to get to it.  She stepped back and let her sister have it, didn’t even seem to mind even though it is her favorite treat.  She got a second helping for that, and praise for being a good sister.  The only issue we have with this one is that she’s a food thief.  We air pop popcorn and have to leave a portion plain for her.  She still tries to steal ours, but not as bad.  She also goes for Sassy’s bowl after she’s done with it- thankfully never before.  So I have one severely underweight cat and one that’s getting tubby lol.

Bookish life:

  I just finished Song of a Captive Bird a few days ago (review to follow) and am working on The Ballad of Huck and Miguel.  So far I am liking the later, and I really liked the former, but it started slowly for me.  What the book did do for me is introduce me to a poet I had not known before.  I ended up buying one of her eBooks.

song of a captive bird Well, that’s me for the week.  What’s up with you?

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Let’s wrap this up! February 5th

booSo I have been so awful about keeping up with my weekly wrap up that I am thinking about doing it once a month.  The reason?  My life is pretty dull.  I go to work.  I try to take naps sometimes (Boo was not having it, here).  I read.  I have been sick, so I have been severely lazy about going to the gym and my diet is suffering, but I am not actually gaining any back.

Sassy Britches had a bit of a cold/ repertory thing.  We are taking her to the vet tomorrow.  Her breathing is near perfect now and she just has sneezing and coughing.  Still, we want to be sure it’s going away.  We kept the heat on all the time so that she would be more comfortable, and she has been loving that.  She still hates Boo with a passion.  *Sigh* I guess she just isn’t fond of cats.  Crazy.  Boo mostly takes this in stride.  We keep her supplied with cat nip mice and Warren has a laser pointer.  For the most part she leaves Sassy alone except once this morning when she decided to pounce her tail.  In her defense, it was swinging around….

Bookish life:

Ugh, I need to stop buying books.  I also need to stop requesting ARC’s.  Neither are likely to happen.  I have an unruly TBR pile (which, btw, is this week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic and will be coming up).  I have at least a dozen paper copies that I haven’t read, but the real issue is my eBook pile.  It is just too easy to collect them.  I will read someone’s review, get super excited, and buy it with my amazon gift card.  (I work with gift cards so that I don’t spend all my money on books…. it could happen.)

I have been reading Lori Avocado’s Pauline Sokol series for fun.  I still don’t know if I really want to spend the time reviewing them though.  I am considering a sort of series-break-down.  Let me know what you guys think.

Otherwise, I finished Next Year In Havana, Chanel Cleeton and am reading Where the Wild Cherries Grow.  I am loving that one!  These are both really well written stories that sweep you away.

So that’s me for now.  What have you been up to?

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Talk To the Paw, Melinda Metz

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Title:  Talk To the Paw

Author: Melinda Metz

Pages: 272

Is this part of a series?  No.

Publish Date:  January 30th, 2018


Jamie has devoted many years to the needs of different men: the non-committal, the self-absorbed, the forgot-to-mention-I’m-married…. it’s all left her pretty on edge about the whole dating thing.  When her mother passes, she is offered an inheritance and a once-in-a-life-time chance.  For just one year, she can stop work and spend it on her.  This is The Year of Me.  She wants to find what she is passionate about (besides guys).  She and her cat MacGyver move into a new place and get ready to really live.  Between dodging set-up attempt by well meaning neighbors, Jamie quickly finds that Mac has a problem.  Her adorable tabby is an escape artist, a thief and…. possibly a match maker?

My thoughts:

I have mixed feelings here.  The chapters are given one of several POV’s: Jamie’s, David’s and MacGyver’s.  I really liked the first two- they were well developed and flowed smoothly.  MacGyver, for obvious reasons, was less cohesive.  I mean, he’s a cat, and the author definitely did not want you to forget it.  As such, there was much talk about the “bonehead” dog, and sensing/ tasting his human’s mood (and the moods of those around him).  I understand what we were doing here, but felt like there may have been a better way.  Going into Mac’s mind was always jarring.

As far as the two main characters, there were times I wanted to shake them.  I loved them individually, and I adored their chemistry but some of the choices they made were painfully awkward- better suited to a teen than a thirty-something year old adult.  That said, they each had their issues and their romance seemed very believable and sweet.  I loved them.  I also really liked the other characters- even laughing at the “bad dates” that I was probably not meant to like.  Hud was a hard sale for me, mostly because I found him annoying…. but I feel like that was intentional.  All in all this is a four star book for me.  normal star ratingnormal star ratingnormal star ratingnormal star rating

On the adult content scale, there’s some of sexual innuendo and a tame sex scene.  There is, though, quite a bit of language.  I give it a four, if she was interested I would let my niece read it.  General.svg

I was lucky enough to get an eARC of this book from Netgalley and Kensington books in exchange for an honest review.  My thanks.  pro_reader_120

The book comes out on the 30th, is it on your radar?

Link to book:


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Wrap up from the 12th on….

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Personal life:

We have been super busy and while I try to keep up on other’s posts, my own has really fallen behind.  My brother in law is staying with us on a prolonged visit for a bit while he tries to get into the college of his choice to start his master’s.

We found out that Spooky (Boo) hates her carrier.  She rammed her 6 lb body against it until it began to topple again and again.  To make her feel better we have gotten a harness and pet sling (pictured above) and a kitty car carrier (basically a box that attaches to her harness and the car seat so that she can see everything, but be safe).  She is other wise very sweet, curious, and energetic.  Sassy Britches hates her.  Luckily, all Sassy has to do is make noise and Boo allows her to have her way.  I was worried at first, but they have both started living normally if not cuddling each other.  I am calling that a win.

Lastly, I am still trying to understand politics.  How did we get to this point?  And what does a government shut down really mean?  What will it mean for my customers (soldiers, WIC, food stamps….)?  I have no answers and hope it all gets fixed before we find out.  I hate that I feel this way… that I don’t understand these things.  You go and google it though?  You get a lot of information on how the national parks are closed.  I hate that I don’t understand, it confuses me and I feel like less of an adult.

Bookish life:

I have been reading a lot, but not reviewing for a couple reasons.  First, I broke my tablet screen so it’s been harder to start reviews on the go.  I have an old walkin book that I can read my ARC’s on, but that’s about it.  I have two ARC’s I need to review and will try to get to them today, but I also have things to do in the outside world.

I have also been on a Cozy Mystery run because they are light, fun, fast and great for when I don’t have much time to devote to a book in one go.    I have read Janet Evanovich’s Wicked series, which was good and I plan to continue with ( I do prefer “could be a wizard” Glo to “used to be a ho” Lula) but it wasn’t stellar.  The plot is interesting, the characters are good, the dialogue is usually hilarious…. but as with the Stephanie Plum series, after you read one you basically know how all the others are going to go.  They are the tabloids of the book world and bless them for that.  Sometimes I just want light, hilarious fun.  I just don’t know if I should review them because all I could say would be the same for each one.  Also I would have to say too much about the plot and give too much away.  I feel like I would here because, well, what else do you talk about here?  Shortest… reviews…. ever.

In the same boat as the Wicked series are a group of books revolving around former-nurse-turned-fraud-investigator Pauline Sokol.  I like the stories fine, and I love most of the characters- though Jagger is getting on my last nerve as far as a love interest goes.  Still, while venues change the rest often seems to be the same.  She gets a case, she has to go under cover as a (you guessed it) nurse- or one time a patient.  She gets herself into trouble.  Jagger decides to help her, but demands help for his own thing as well.  Goldie tells her not to fall for the guy because he’s no good in relationship settings.  Some other hot, smart guy is interested, but she can’t get over Jagger.  She ends up basically tripping over the answer to her case.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  It is fun and interesting and well worth the $8, but not exactly stellar literature.  I guess what I am asking myself is this:  together they come out to seven books that would get about three star reviews.  Is it even worth the effort of doing as each one would basically say the same thing- love the characters, tired of Jagger, a good time was still had by all.  What do you guys think?

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Weekly Wrap-Up! January 1st-7th…. Also known as why I cannot be trusted at animal adoption sites.

Personal life:

Ever since my other cat, Captain Jack, died of old age I have been trying to impress upon my husband the need for another cat.  He would not hear of it- we are both mildly allergic though with meds we’re fine, Sassy Britches has a hard time getting along with another cat (she came to accept that Jack wasn’t leaving, but was only kind to him toward the end of his life)… and the fact that the previous owners declawed Sassy completely making it hard for her to do much to defend herself.  He had valid points, but I wanted another cat.

Last week during the cold snap Warren discovered that mice had found their way in and lost his ever-loving mind he was so mad.  He talked to me about the possibility of getting a “mouser”.  All I heard was “second cat or small dog” because let’s be honest- you don’t know if your animal is going to get the job done.  Oh, there are character traits to look for, or breeds that are supposed to be better at it; but in the end each animal is different.  Once they are home, he isn’t going to let them go and I know it.  He told me not to go crazy, and that we were going to take our time and decide…. but I knew I had to strike while the iron was hot.  We had been arguing this point for like three years after all.  And so I went to the SPCA and my local PetSmart and fell in love with no less than five animals- four cats and a dog.  Then I made him choose between them because I just couldn’t.  Here were the contenders:

Russia was a big girl with a sweet and tender disposition that immediately wanted pets, and seemed very laid back.  I had high hopes that she would be patient with Sassy, but wasn’t sure she’d be a mouser like Warren wanted.  Also, I wanted to change her name to Vasya after the main character in The Bear and the Nightingale.

I also liked Sprinkle Toes who was gorgeous, funny, rambunctious and curious.  All signs pointed to being a good mouser, but would she be good for Sassy?

On my second visit to PetSmart, this time with Warren, the cat area was closed for cleaning so we just looked from the outside.  Spooky escaped her cage, slid under the cages Mission-Impossible-style and proceeded to play with the attendant by popping out at different stages.  Well, another of the cats still locked up was unimpressed.  Every time Spooky popped her head out under Edith’s cage, she would be swiped at and shoved back down.  Spooky took this in stride, neither yelling nor retaliating in any way but continuing her game.  All signs point to a good mouser, but also a superb disposition toward other cats.  Also, she made Warren laugh.

I can’t even say why I loved Calie.  She had been rescued from a hoarding situation and was terrified the first day I met her.  She stayed in the back of the cage with the largest, most shell shocked eyes and my heart melted for her.  Surely this was a cat that needed a quiet home and lots of love.  The second time a few days later she was coming forward for pets and seemed more relaxed though still skittish around noises.  A mouser, this one was not.  But she was sweet and I couldn’t see her causing Sassy grief.

Then there was the dog of the bunch.  Ramen Noodle has a rat terrier head on a really big body.  He looks goofy, and he knows it- seems to revel in it.  Both times I went to look at dogs at the SPCA the others were going nuts, barking and jumping, and there was this boy sitting pretty with the biggest shit-eating grin on his face.  He looked at me, I looked at him… and it was magic.  I loved this dog.  He was well behaved and hadn’t seemed interested in pestering cats according to his papers.  A dog, though, without a fenced in yard, means three walks a day.  And a pooper scooper or bags.  Ugh…..

So, five amazing adoptees and only the funds/ permission for one.  What’s a girl to do?  Why, force her husband to make the hard choices of coarse!  After each one, he decided on…. *drum roll*…


Spooky!  (nickname: Boo)  I got her several toys that she loves and we made her a safe room for Friday and Saturday so that the cats could get accustomed to the idea of one another before meeting.  By Saturday night, though, Spooky was tired of being alone and wanted to explore.  We had been coming in lots to spend time with her, but she wanted more.  We decided to introduce them.  Spooky did well…. Sassy flipped out.  She started hissing and probably cursing at Spooky in cat.  Spooky took it in stride and continued to explore between bouts of petting.  This morning we let her back out of the safe room.  Sassy is still mad, but Spooky is giving her space and showing the sweet temperament that made me feel secure in the fact that she wouldn’t be starting stuff.  We will continue to monitor the girls, but I think we’re good.  Sassy’s just stubborn and a little rude.  lol.

So that’s me for the week, what’s up with you?

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Let’s just say this is an overdue wrap-up!

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Personal life:

The holidays got super crazy and  I couldn’t keep up here.  I am so sorry guys!  The O’hana descended on Mo. in mass and we just had a ball.  We saw the Christmas light display that a church in Carthage does every year (Grandma loves this), went bowling, and Surprised my sister with an early birthday on Christmas.  We all drove down in Dad’s party bus (seats 15- I think he got it at an auction), gave her the TV everyone went together into and saw a movie.  Bentonville has a superb theater!  The plush chairs recline, there was more than enough leg room and not a sticky spot or speck of trash.  I was seriously impressed!  We went to see Downsizing…. which I have to say I was less impressed with.  My sister thought it was going to be hilarious- it wasn’t.  My cousin hoped it would be more of a commentary on how we need to be better on our planet- yeah… no.  It had it’s funny moments, and interesting moments…. but mostly it was just okay.

We did Secret Santa and (keep it clean) Dirty Santa on Christmas Eve.  I got a pair of plumeria earrings. My Secret Santa couldn’t make it, so my sweet husband ordered two books for me in hardback- The Speaker by Traci Chee which I haven’t read yet, and my favorite book of the year: Reincarnation Blues by Michael Poore.  I love that book and would revisit chapters every time I went to the library.  Due to space constraints and my inability to give up books easily I have to be very selective in what I get a hardcopy of but I knew I wanted this one.  When my niece was down we had what my sister jokingly refers to as second Christmas where we gave each other all the gifts we didn’t want to do at the big celebration.  Warren got a PS 4 from the family and has already ordered Rock Band, his favorite game.  I got a new shirt (above) and a good winter coat.  My sister Mei and her husband Scott surprised me with a used copy of The Illustration of Life written by two of my favorite Animators for Disney.  I love the older works, the animation and care of detail.  Apparently it used to belong to Scott’s uncle before he passed.  I am honored.  I actually cried- not only is this an indulgence I would never buy myself, but it belonged to someone he cared about.  I feel like used books have a history and this one was is in spectacular condition.

Bookish Life:

I read several Sofie Ryan books in preparation for my eARC of The Fast and the Furriest coming out soon.  I am also reading a book called A Land of Permanent Goodbyes by Atia Abawi.  It is fantastic, but very hard hitting and I have to take breaks.  I love it though!

So that’s it for me, what’s up with you?

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Weekly Wrap-Up! November 28th-December 4th

Personal life:

Warren got a new 3D printer and has been having fun with that.  The first thing the goofball did was make me a heart pendant.  He has never given me jewelry except my engagement and wedding bands.  It was sweet, in a way.  He always knows how to make me laugh and the heart doubles as a worry stone of sorts.  I like the texture and find myself playing with it a lot.

My biggest fear is this… this is one of the last things on his gotta-have-it bucket list.  Left after this purchase will be finishing his pedal assist bike- as far as I know we have all the parts and are working on the mechanics of the thing- solar panels (we are supposed to have them before year end) and…. a van that he personally converts into an electric car.  This one is the one that has always worried about most because it has the most chance of me ending up a widow if he makes a mistake.  Also…. where’s he going to work on this?  Let’s be honest, he made himself a shed in the back only because I nagged him for seven months about having three bikes in a small house- only one was ever used.  Add to that, I couldn’t use my pantry because his things kept me from getting in.  I threatened to toss everything and BAM! we have a shed.  It isn’t big enough to work on a car in though.  Plus I just know parts will end up in my living room.  He had hidden a used battery in his work space once and I would have never known except Sassy thought it would make a great napping area.   I love the man, but he’s not great for my nerves.  The evil genius will be on vacation much of December and at home unattended…. God help me.

Bookish life:

I finished several of my ARC’s and will try to review today.  Two Girls Down by Louisa Luna was a great psychological thriller, I was really into it.  Before that I had finished To the Duke with Love by Amelia Gray.  I have always been a fan of her work, loving the character development and dynamics between characters.  I am working on Green by Sam Graham-Felson.  At the moment I have a love/hate relationship (mostly hate, but it has it’s moments).  Oh, and I just finished Hardcore Twenty-four by Janet Evanovich on audiobook.  It was just what I needed.

Gotta go… reviews to write!

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