Weekly Wrap-Up! July 24th-31st!


I found my spirit animal

Hey guys!  I think I told you last time that I was getting in touch with my local Writer’s Guild?  It has been really interesting!  While they only meet once a month (and working retail I may never get to go!) they have a pretty active Facebook presence.  Honestly, what would we do without Facebook and the like?  I have O’hana in several states including Hawaii, along with a cousin and his family in Canada.  There’s no way we could keep in touch as well otherwise!

But I digress.  Kimberly Rhea and I have started a pretty good author/ reader relationship.  I kind of saw myself as being an advocate for the local author- part cheerleader, part BFF that will call you on your stuff.  So far it is working out well!  Last week we went through Secrets That Bind The Heart together (book one of her trilogy).  Today we are meeting to go over book two, Unbound By Truth before I go live with a review.  There are technical issues to discuss and I have to hope that she can pound those out before going live with the eBook (It looks as though there was one for a little while, but it got pulled.)  I am also hoping for an author Q&A to post, but I don’t know if we will have time today or if that will be scheduled for later.

Bookish life:

I finished Secrets That Bind The Heart, and really liked that one.  Otherwise I am working through an ARC coming out next week, Our House by Louise Candlish.  I don’t know what it is…. I just can’t get into it.  I don’t know if it’s too choppy- not that I mind that when it helps the story along (as I suppose this one does…. in a way) it may be that the story is just not for me.  Has anyone else read it?  What are your thoughts?


So that’s me for the week, what’s up with you?

Oh! As an aside, Ms. Rhea and I will be looking for readers that don’t mind a bit of editing.  This would be a book for review type thing- as it is with Netgalley.  If interested, hit me up!

Happy Reading,



Weekly Wrap-up! July 18th -23rd

As everything in my life has basically been bookish this week, we’ll skip the personal.

I made contact with the local Writer’s Guild via Facebook, which is something I long wanted to do, but didn’t know how it would be received.  I am not, after all, a writer.  I am a reader- a literary junky honestly.  Fearing that they would take my interest as a cry for free books I stayed away.  In the end, though, writers need readers and I am willing to pay for my books.  I wanted to learn about the local authors, give them my support and allow them to know me as a member of their audience.  I am very excited about several friendships I have made since.

One writer actually approached me, and I bought her first book from Amazon.  I am going through it now and liking different aspects.  There are some major technical issues, though.  As this is the finished copy one has to wonder how to approach such a review.  I don’t want to bash the book- the characters are lively and interesting and the premise is fantastic- but there are some glaring mistakes that take me out of the author’s world.  I would actually like advice here on how to approach this- do I state it lightly in the review on line.  Should I contact the author about these things?  I mean, there are times where the odd typo shows up even in books brought out by established publishing companies.  Yet, if it bothers me, won’t it bother everyone else?  The second book in this series was sent to me in a word doc and the hubs is losing his OCD mind wanting to fix pagination issues and place it into epub so that I can read on either my phone or tablet.

Other than that, I finished JP Delaney’s Believe Me and absolutely adored it!  This was such an interesting, intense book.  The author utilized several different writing styles to drag you further into the story.  I’ll be reviewing today after I go through my notes a bit more.

Oh, and I went on a mini-book spree today.  We have a new Dollar Tree in the area and I found some absolute gems!  I always promise myself I am not buying more books- especially paper copies!- when my TBR of bought books is in the hundreds and yet…. here we are.  I can’t help myself. It’s an addiction! An illness!  Lol, but it was only four bucks!!!!!!


My husband’s gonna kill me, but it’s worth it.  What have you guys been up to?


Weekly Wrap-Up! July 9th-17th


Hey guys!  Not much to report here.  Boo is doing much better and I think her anxiety has gone down.  It’s most likely just a 4th of July thing we’ll have to be prepared for next year.  Other than that, I have mostly been reading and working.  You know me, I am a bit of a boring homebody….

Bookish life:

I have been determined to finish the Books By the Bay series by Ellery Adams this month because I have so much free reading time.  I have one ARC for July coming up next week so like it or not, I may have to set the binge reading aside.  I am on the last book in the series, though, so hopefully I can do both.  This week I have read:


The plan is to read these two this week:


While I love doing ARC’s I was thrilled to get back to Oyster Bay with the characters I love this month.

What have you been reading?

Happy Reading,


Weekly Wrap- Up! July 2nd-8th

Personal life:

I got to see some family earlier this week.  Above is Wendy, she’s going to be starting high school and I am so excited (right pic).  She’s gotten some awards for her art and has the opportunity to study it in school.  So far she does a lot of sketching, scratch board, and marker work as well as colored pencil.  I am so proud that she gets learn about all of these different mediums and others.

Other than that, Walmart is having a bit of fun with our back-to-school events.  We got hats (middle pic).  My managers found some new maskimals of Nickelodeon characters and were running around up front.  It made for an interesting day, and I think that the customers liked it.  Days like that make me remember why I love my crew.

Bookish life:

You may have noticed that I didn’t do a New Release Tuesday post.  That’s because I didn’t have any ARC’s releasing.  So far this month I have only selected one ARC from Netgalley which will come out later this month.  Until then I have been binge reading the books I bought.  I am now on book six Ellery Adams’ Books By the Bay series.  I must say, I really adore these books.  They give such a fun and fresh world to sink into, with interesting characters and a lot of heart.  I think my favorite part, though, is that there’s always that extra something- a piece of a character’s novel, a scene with a story teller, a dancer, a painter.  It’s interesting to see her weave so many pieces together.

I have finished reading:

(Reviews will follow when I stop being lazy *sigh* I wanted to do it tonight but I work in the morning.)

I am currently reading:

So what has everyone else been up to?  Let’s chat!

Happy Reading,


Weekly Wrap-up! June 2nd-11th

Personal life:

It’s been hectic since I went back to work two weeks ago.  I am loving it though.  I find I really needed the interaction that I get at work.  Seeing everyone is definitely my favorite part of the work day.  Warren is still working on kitting out his pedal-assist tyke and I am still confused by the whole thing.

Sassy is eating less and sleeping more, which makes me nervous.  We have known since she was diagnosed with Kidney Disease that it would be a matter of time before we may have to make an uncomfortable decision.  Personally I think we still have months or years, but I also don’t know if I would even realize when it was time.

Spooky (Boo) is still my little entertainer and supervisor.  We are trying to train her not to do things we don’t like- such as jumping on the table during meal prep or trying to see behind curtains (read: ripping up curtains to see).  Oddly the tiny nerf gun we got isn’t doing the trick.  She refuses to be afraid of it- oh, she knows she’s doing something bad when she sees it…. she just doesn’t care.  If we do hit her it doesn’t hurt and she just ends up going on parade with the ammo.  Lol crazy thing.  We actually taped the curtain shut with tape and she has been trying to take the tape off with her teeth.


My uncle has left to start medical school and my sister has come back to do her residency.  We’re very proud of both Chris and Mei.  My aunts Ginger and Janis are currently in town readying Grandma for her next move, and Uncle Paul is here as well.  My parent’s house is packed with O’hana again just as Dad likes it.  I love having everyone around, especially Uncle Paul who has a unique connection with Warren because they both like to program and tinker.  It’s good for the hubs to have a kindred spirit around.

Sunday is father’s day and I am still stuck as to what to get Dad.  What do you get for the man that already gets himself everything he ever wanted?  We have gone through the funny gifts  already in past years.  He has Shit My Dad Says, which I thought was perfect because the guy made a killing just by listening to his father and repeating it in text.  He has a fishing lure called The Shiny Hiney because who else can say they have a shiny hiney?  We have donated to APOCO in his name and gotten him a Super Rat.  These guys are neat- they train rats to sniff tuberculosis from petri dishes making it much faster, and there are others trained to smell landmines before they can harm anyone.  Mom liked the fact that she didn’t have to actually take care of said rat (he was named Jonathan Frisbee as a play on the smarty pants from the Rats of Nihm).  I’m kind of out of ideas here lol.

Bookish life:

I just finished two books that should be reviewed shortly: The Madonna of the Mountains and Number One Chinese Restaurant.  I really liked the later and am now reading The Lost for Words Bookshop.  I have to admit, it is different than I thought it would be so far, but not in a bad way.

So that’s me this week.  What’s up with you?



Weekly Wrap Up, May 25th-June 2nd

I was finally released back to work on the 28th!  It feels good to be back at my store, and I am having a great time.  The only thing I think I am going to really miss are the naps.  My cats taught me how to LIVE while I was out on leave!  It’s busy, as retail usually is on the first of a month; especially with a holiday weekend thrown in.  I love it though, this allows for fast days and lots of people to talk to.

Sadly the most exciting thing about this week has been the dress code change.  We have reverted to what I like to call the “Don’t be stupid” policy.  We can wear any color or style shirt so long as it covers…. well…. everything and has sleeves.  Printed designs all over are ok, but not screen printed fronts or words.  Nothing derogatory, racist or inflammatory.  Basically, don’t wear shirts with bottles of beer, pin up girls, rude comments….. don’t be stupid.  Nearly any type of pants will work save shorts for indoor associates and sweats.  Seeing as we had to have white or navy polos and either black or khaki slacks this was a huge change.  The reason coming down is that they want to celebrate our diversity which sounds lovely to me.  (I am SO much more comfortable and refuse to question this!)  I like to joke that sales in adult clothing was going down (oddly, you could almost never find work clothes at Walmart for women- what polos we did have were too short for most associates and showed some of your back when you bent over- that was and is a no no).  I am a girl that loves color and flowers.  I went out and bought fifteen dollars worth of our inexpensive tees to wear and I am having a blast.  It’s definitely kind of fun to wonder what I feel like wearing today instead of what I have to.  No doubt the novelty will wear off eventually, but I have been working full time since I was nineteen- five days a week in some sort of uniform/ dress code or another.  Oh God…. that’s almost 16 years!  Thirteen of them have been with Walmart.

As far as my bookish life, I just finished the most wonderful book!  I already dropped the review here: A Place For Us, Fatima Farheen Mirza but I can’t stop thinking about it.  This is the type of book that can really take someone over.  I adored it, and having left their world I almost feel like I lost a friend.  I am definitely buying this one, I just have to decide on the format.  I am thinking audiobook, but maybe paperback.

A place for us

As far as current reads, I am struggling to connect with an ARC that I received from Netgalley.  The Madonna of the Mountains is one of those historical fictions that sounds amazing- the life of an Italian woman right before and during the fascist regime.  I wanted to know everything- the culture and hardships.  Her joys, her dreams…. what was it like living through these times?  This is what has always drawn me to historical fiction.  Unfortunately in the past several days I have only been able to get 20% into the book.  It just isn’t grabbing me and I can’t for the life of me pin point the issue.  It’s a tad slow, but it has a good flow and interesting premise.  Maria is fairly well developed already…. it just can’t grab my interest and I find myself setting it aside time and again to play games on my phone or watch shows.  Hopefully it’ll get better because the review is due on the 12th!  Ugh… wish me luck guys!

Well, this turned out a bit longer than I thought it would!  That’s me for the week, what’s up with you?


Weekly Wrap-up! April 31st-May 8th

freedom-1886402_1280Hey guys!  I talked to my doc over the phone yesterday and was cleared to drive (yay)!  I still get tired easily but I feel like I may just be inherently lazy.  I spent my first day free from medical house arrest by going to my favorite bookstore…. and then every other store in town… searching for Ellery Adams books.  What can I say? I am addicted.  If you haven’t seen my gushing review of The Secret, Book & Scone Society, Ellery Adams please do.  I have such a huge author crush on this woman!

Today I crawled out of bed to do half the Wildcat Glades trail before it became 80 degrees.  It was nice being out with the birds again.  I love this area because it always rejuvenates me.  After, I had breakfast and ran for the library.  I like to come here a couple times a week to read the paper/ magazines and start blog posts.  It’s quiet and no one is scratching up my back.

As far as books go, I need to do my review of Rick Riordan’s Trials of Apollo: The Burning Maze.  I SHOULD be reading House Swap, an amazing looking ARC from First to Read that comes out on the 22nd…. instead I have cracked open one of the Ellery Adams books I bought yesterday.  This one is book one in a series about a writer’s group that come together to solve mysteries.  I couldn’t resist!  You should see my review of A Killer Plot before the week’s out.

So, that was my week.  What’s new with you?