Review Policy

                I do accept books for review, and am grateful for the opportunity.  I mostly read eBooks, as they are easier to take with me and I can have them at work.  I love my Kindle App, so MOBI is best, though I can also take EPUB and PDF.  I will accept paper books, so long as they are ready for publication-novels written on napkins do not count and I will not shuffle pages into order.   Please allow for a few weeks, as I may be in the middle of several read-for-review books.  Rest assured, all RFR take precedence and will be read in the order received (Unless James Patterson comes out with a book.  I am afraid that my favorite author trumps all.)  I usually read between ten and fifteen books on a good month, so this should not be an issue. 

                As far as what I will accept, it’s fairly straightforward.  My favorite genres are as followed:

1.       Romance: Contemporary or historical, it makes little difference to me.  Now, erotica is not acceptable, and if I see the word tentacle anywhere I refuse to finish the book.  I love romances that are sweet, funny, and sometimes sad.  There has to be more plot and character development than sex.    That said, I am not a prude, and do understand that the subject will be brought up.  Examples:  Julia London, Alexandra Hawkins, Janet Evanovich.

2.       Mystery/thriller:  I adore a good detective story- done right with good character development.  Murder mysteries, kidnappings… who-done-it type stuff?  Love it.  Examples: James Patterson (Alex Cross, Michael Bennet, Lindsay Boxer), Owen Laukkanen, and James L. Thane.  I also like psychological thrillers.  Example: Lisa Unger (her newest book, Crazy Love You).

3.       Literary Fiction: When I think of these books, I think of books that belong in more than one area.  It can have romance, or be historical fiction with more of an emphasis on the historical.  They are moving, breathing, beauty.  Examples: Eva Luna and The Japanese Lover by Isabel Allende.  Radio Girls by Sarah-Jane Stratford.

4.       Humor: Now I mostly read fiction, and there are some great books that I place in humor from there, but this is an area where I make exceptions and take nonfiction as well.   Let’s go over what I consider humor- Jonathan Unleashed by Meg Rosoff.  Don’t Lick the Minivan by Leanne Shirtliffe.  Basically all of Jonathan Halpern’s books.

       If you do not see your genre, feel free to contact me through the contact form below.  I will be pleased to speak to you about your book.  I consider myself a fairly diverse reader, loving everything from Harry Potter to Izzeldin Abueliash’s great book: I Shall Not Hate.  I don’t care for science fiction though, sorry.

   I put all reviews on my blog regardless of how many stars they receive.  Goodreads usually gets reviews with three or more stars.  I have never given any book one star, and have only had to admit defeat (unfinished book) twice in my life.  I am not afraid or ashamed to do this, I just dislike it- what if I miss something beautiful because I could not hang on?   I try at all times to be fair and nice, but above all I will be honest and you may not like it.  Still interested in giving me your book?  Contact me!