So long, 2018!!!!!

happy New Year

Happy New Year guys!  I have to admit I am more than ready to start this next year.  It had a lot of great moments, but a lot of things that tore at me as well.  My family lost Duchess, our matriarch, and my sister’s dog P-chan.  

           On the bright side, I had some great moments as well.   We added my Boo to the family forcing my husband to admit that, yes, we did need another cat.  There was some great family time and good moments at work.  It makes me want to just bask in the joys, you know?  As someone that has issues with depression and to a lesser extent anxiety, it’s hard to hold on to that sometimes.  

This brings me to my first new year’s resolution:

I will keep a better eye on my health- both physical and mental.  More than just staying on my meds, I feel like this means that I am going to have to actually seek out help sometimes, to talk to someone- probably my husband- when I start to feel overwhelmed.  I also want to pay better attention to my nutrition and create an exercise routine for myself- even if it’s just carving fifteen minutes at the gym several times a week.  I already walk a lot around work, but that’s hardly enough.

I also want to find a better routine for my blog… as of right now I haven’t created a post in several days and have actually read two books that I haven’t reviewed yet (I have to wake up at 5:30 tomorrow morning so it’s not happening tonight).  I keep up as best I can with my favorite bloggers (I am following about 100 and yes, they are all my favorites), but I want to also leave more comments and try to be more available to the community.  Does that make sense?

Lastly, I want to budget better.  Adulting is fairly easy for me by now- bills, food, and gas are all taken care of; after that I have a small amount of cash.  I want to give myself a small amount for savings, a small amount (maybe $10 or $15 a pay check) for books/ makeup stuff I want.  What actually happens is the latter two come out when I have extra in the grocery budget and I spend too much on stupid stuff.  For instance, I am ashamed to say that I often drop $5-$10 on a game… a silly matching game on my app (you pay for different characters and helpful bits).  Geeze, I feel silly saying that.  You could literally but a James Patterson book a month on what I drop for a game that is just taking up my time.  Plus, this is time I could be reading or connecting with people.  I wanted to read 150 books this year, but only made it to 116.  It’s still a lot, but even six years ago I was reading over 200.  I find myself getting distracted easily of late.

       I think, all in all I just want to be more mindful.  Of my time, my money, my health and my loved ones.  

             So here’s to saying goodbye to 2018.  To any stress, drama, anger or strife.  Let’s leave it all in the past.  I want so much for you in the coming year… health, security, belly laughs and all the books you can read.