Top Ten Tuesday (a bit late)

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  I wasn’t able to post yesterday, but this week’s theme made me smile, and I really want to do it.  We are talking about top ten bookish boyfriends.  Some will be obvious, some not so much.  I just love these guys!  Let’s begin:

  1. Nicholas Carter:  I just adore this kid- young but passionate, fearless and strong.  He is a great foil for Etta.
  2. marcus gordon Marcus Gordon:   From the Magical Cats series, this detective is hot, but he’s also charming when he isn’t in cop mode.  I am only half through the series, but I am loving this frustrating man.  The obvious care that he has for Kathleen just melts me.
  3. Peeta:  No last name needed, everyone loves this Hunger Games character.  I loved his dedication, his loyalty, and the fact that he could be vulnerable.  Willing to do anything to stand beside Katniss and help her…. he is amazing.
  4. Samuel: Love in Lowercase, Francesc Miralles introduces a linguist with major social problems.  His relationship with his cat Mishima made me smile.  He’s a bit… okay a lot awkward… but I just fell in love with him.  As my husband can attest, I just love a big… brain.
  5. Baz:  From Kids of Appetite, David Arnold.  Strong, funny, protector of his little family at such a very young age.  I adore this boy.
  6. Emmerson Knight:  From the Knight and Moon series, the crazy billionaire is smart, sexy and hilarious.  Now, all his idiosyncrasies would probably drive me nuts but I love reading his books.
  7. Michael:  From The Little Bakery on Rosemary Lane, Ellen Berry, this is a grown man with strong family ties and a strength of character that is undeniable.  Plus he’s cute and he can bake!  Mainly I just want him to feed me fresh baked bread.
  8. Jackson Mendoza:  From The Future She Left Behind, Marin Thomas, I fell madly in love with our wounded young man.  He came back from being a bad boy with a drinking issue to a sober mechanic with his own garage and making a niche for himself in the small town he grew up in.  He is strong and loving, fiercely loyal.  What drew me to this man, though, was how he wanted his love interest’s happiness more than anything else.
  9. Milo:  From Reincarnation Blues, Michael Poore, this is a very old soul.  I fell in love with him time and again as he went through life after life searching for perfection.  His love of Suzy, his sense of humor and his strength made him such a loveable character.
  10. Cade: From Always, Sarah Jio.  This is such a charming story.  This man was not fantastic when he was younger- he had a lot of issues.  He also had a love that denied logic and time.  When he goes missing Kailey  has to believe he left her, and eventually go on with her life.  When Kailey finds him again, he is homeless with amnesia and yet there is something about this woman that is so familiar and they have a matching tattoo.  Between flashbacks and meeting the man he is now, I just love him so much.

So that’s my list- I couldn’t find pics that were open source for most of these guys.  Sorry.  Who’s on your list?

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